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Energy Independence

You are definitely interested in what solar power can do for you right? Clamore Solar has nearly two decades of experience in energy, so yes YES ! we do have a solution just for you!

Let’s get your journey to energy independence started !

Nearly two decades of experience

Offering alternative energy solutions for home and industrial use, based on Solar Technologies that include mini solar power plants, Solar Pumps, Solar refrigerators , Solar Street Lights, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Home & Office hybrid power Systems.


Our Services

“We are committed to delivering the best of us for all”

Social Enterprise Solutions

Clamore Solar works to develop & deliver solutions that improve productivity & profitability for our rural and marginalised business partners, providing solutions that include them financially & uplift their communities along the way......#Proffesional

Energy Management & Monitoring

At Clamore Solar we pride ourselves in our ability to focus on the details that make all the difference and bring to the fore our sustainable solutions. We work to prevent the loss of investment by continuously improving our ability to monitor and manage your energy needs while you focus on what’s important to you, your business, your family and yes US ! ....#Precise

Custom solutions

That's correct, one size indeed DOES NOT fit all. Clamore Solar is dedicated to you our client and business partner. From domestic to commercial we have you covered. Yours is to scream ours is to listen and develop a solution just built for you......#Reliable

Number Of Completed Projects

While we love our statistics , the most important statistic for us is width of your smile

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Rural Business partners

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to Africa’s development. We value the freedom that efficient service and quality product delivery brings, and the uplifting of living standards to the most rural of communities that comes with efficient service & product supply

Our Portfolio

Some of most favourite and latest works !


Residential Solution


Solution for an office block

3,000 litre

Per hour water solution


Lodge solution

100 Solar

Solar powered egg incubators delivered to a partner

Your Kind Words

We appreciate you and are here to serve through total YOU centric solutions

"The Process was long. But ultimately the results were Good. Thumbs up Team Clamore Solar"
from Chengeta
Primary School
"The thoroughness of the entire processes was just outstanding. Leaves no room for doubt!"
from Zambezi
Cruise Safari’s
"We have never had a technical fault! That should be commendable. We loved working with you guys."
From Altmedia

Some of Our Many Amazing Partners

Our latest News

Clamore Solar ranked in the top 10 Zimbabwe Solar companies by Solareyes

In recent years, Zimbabwe has embraced the potential of solar energy as a sustainable and reliable power source.

EEP Africa Supervisory Board meets with Investees in Zimbabwe

After the day-long meeting, the delegation got the chance to visit two grantees in Zimbabwe, Mobility for Africa and Clamore Solar

CLAMORE SOLAR: Piloting Solar Egg Incubators in Zimbabwe

This project aims to increase the productivity of poultry farmers in rural Zimbabwe by installing high-performing solar egg incubators.