Know Us!

Who are we ?

We are a close-knit organized team that consists of, dynamic and talented achievers with drive. Among us are professionals in mechanical engineering, accounting, and business development management.

We are always driven to develop innovative solutions and learn new technologies. We can implement the most advanced energy and water technologies as well as develop new ones.

The result is very important for us. We prefer challenging tasks that allow us to expand our capabilities. We undertake to deliver our customers’ orders in the earliest possible times. We work to make our customers feel comfortable and happy in carrying out their business with us as a family.

Our Mission

Our mission at CLAMORE SOLAR is to champion viable alternative energy solutions as workable solutions to the world’s and our continent’s current energy deficit, as we desire to contribute to Africa’s development as a whole. We value the freedom that renewable energy brings, and the uplifting of living standards to the most rural of communities that come with it.

Clamore Solar will accomplish its mission by developing meaningful relationships within our organization and with our clients. Our promise to you – “We will look after YOU!”

Our business proposition is simple, “Run it Green, Run it sustainably”

CLAMORE SOLAR is founded on Christian principles. we value good service that honors God and brings out the best in us

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” Genesis 1:3”

Our Vision

The following if the “Clamore Solar’s vision is to provide solutions to energy problems that have slowed down Africa’s growth. Africa’s energy problems will only be solved by a transition to renewable energy. This continent generates most of its energy using fossil fuels, and in the course of doing so, emits tons of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, and mercury each year. This makes that form of energy expensive, noisy and “dirty”.
Renewable energies are mature technologies, with the potential to play a large part of the solution to global warming. With current technology, solar, biomass and wind can supply much of the energy that our continent needs. The benefits of these are clear:

Really clean, as in zero emissions with solar and wind energy


With fewer moving parts, these forms of energy need little and inexpensive maintenance,

Homegrown & Free

The fuel is delivered every day, to every corner of the globe, free of charge, until the end of time. Energy independence is a critical priority for everybody.

We at Clamore Power believe that it is better to invest in technologies of the future rather than technologies of the past. They may seem expensive now but remember the “single” biggest cost to anything you do, is energy. It only makes sense then, to make one “single” large investment, draw down and profit from this investment for the years to come.”




Women Employees

12 students

Youth empowerment


Happy Customers

We provide Solutions

Becoming our client & friend you will be able to:

Benefit from our unwavering technical and consultative support for you, your business’, your programs and project success.

Reduce your costs and increase your efficiencies through our energy management solutions. This will in turn increase revenues, and free up funds for long term growth plans.

Contribute to the global drive to reduce carbon emissions and become a green energy organisation.

Our team

With engineering, project management, monitoring, operations and maintenance being our strengths, our dynamic core team comprises expertise in civil, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, supported by a lean and professional administration team.
We believe in always having the best available expertise, at the best value on any project and to this extent our team is extended by pool of technical consultants, available to handle any project, when required.”