Clamore Solar Solutions

Clamore Solar Solutions

All our solutions are designed and built with you in mind always.....

Clamore Solar does not sell individual products but rather focuses on complete solutions tailored to meet your needs. Our solutions start from as small as 100 watts catering for basic lighting, productive use, home, commercial, and industrial.

Here you will find a range of pre-designed packages to suit any need. Please consider these packages as our preliminary offer and may each vary as we customize and tailor them to suit your individual needs and energy profile. Thus while we present “One Size” here, it does not suit all at all…….
We encourage that once a product is selected a site assessment is carried out to finalize and select the right fit solution.
Clamore Solar with its partner also offers financing for all our products. Financing is provided through various options from standard Pay-As-You-Go options, through standard bank terms to Power Purchase Agreements, get in touch and let’s talk about which options suit you best”


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Community clean energy solutions

Clamore Solar has partnered with Plug the Sun, Village Infrastructure, and IONA Solar to bring some exciting and high-quality clean energy solutions into rural Southern Africa, which include basic lighting kits, solar-powered pressure cookers, Solar Powered Laptops, Solar Dryers, Solar Fridges and Solar Powered Washing machines.

Productive Use Of Energy (PURE) solutions

Clamore Solar has developed a range of PURE products ready to serve our business partners in rural Southern Africa. All small-scale farmers can benefit from these productive solutions that include, corn thrashers and grinders, solar-powered egg incubators, solar water pumps, solar fridges and freezers as well as solar dryers to name a few. We continue to develop new solutions as requested by you our business partners in rural Southern Africa.

Home & Business Standard Solutions

These solutions are built on the back of the SRNE, CNBM, and CFE range of solutions, including SRNE Inverters, CNBM solar panels, and CFE Lithium batteries. They are ideal for home use and light business use that does not require power for large reactive or resistive loads. From 1kva through to 12kva, these solutions come with average warranties of 2 years when installed by Clamore Solar's approved engineers. These pre-packaged solutions are available in two models for each solution, the Standard solution suitable for starter needs and the upgraded version.

Lite Commercial solutions

Built from the DEYE/SUNSYNK, Jasolar, Jinko, CNBM, BYD, FreedomWon, and Pylontech stable of products, these packages offer a "no-frills" solution for any large home or plot to a large business's needs. Powering small to large offices, warehouses, Schools, hospitals, clinics, farms, and lodges, these solutions hold their own. We provide these solutions from 36kw to 150kw of output with lithium ONLY storage ranging from 40Kwhr to 500Mwhr.

Large Commercial solutions

Built from the DEYE/SUNSYNK, VICTRON, Jasolar, Jinko, CNBM, BYD, FreedomWon, and Pylontech stable of products, like the "lite" commercial offers, we design to keep things simple. These solutions may be supplied containerized and ready for integration or assembled on-site. These packages vary in capacity from 150Kw through to 450kw and storage from 100khwr to 1mhwr based on Lithium, and larger solutions available on request. Our pricing here is based on current pricing and will need to be finalized and adjusted to suit each site, needs, and budget. Please get in touch with us to discuss your institutional or community mini-grid needs. be they from 36kw to 450kw of output with storage ranging from 40Kwhr to 500Mwhr

All Agriculture Solutions

Clamore Solar specializes in offering innovative and sustainable agricultural solutions through the integration of solar technologies across various African regions. Our portfolio includes solar water pumping systems, which ensure a consistent and environmentally friendly source of irrigation even in remote locations lacking conventional power grids. Additionally, Clamore Solar provides solutions designed to enhance crop growth and productivity, contributing to improved food security and reduced environmental impacts. By focusing on Africa's needs and adhering to sustainability goals, Clamore Solar aims to empower rural communities and promote conservation agriculture.