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Clamore Solar Partners with Namkoo Solar to Bring Innovative Energy Solutions to Southern Africa

Clamore Solar, a reputable renewable energy company based in Harare, Zimbabwe, with nearly two decades of experience, has recently forged a significant agreement with Namkoo ...
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HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY to our “AA” (Absolutley Awesome) Mothers ❤️

Dear Mothers, On this special occasion of Mother’s Day 2024, Clamore Solar Africa extends our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all the incredible mothers out ...
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Clamore Solar Eswatini joins ARE

Clamore Solar Eswatini has joined the Alliance for Rural Electrification for 2024, along with Clamore Solar Zimbabwe. We look forward to contributing to the group ...
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Clamore Solar & Letaba Zimbabwe Partner to Provide Sustainable Water Pumping Solutions in Southern Africa

In a significant move towards promoting sustainability and enhancing productivity in the agricultural sector in Southern Africa, Clamore Solar has embarked on a strategic partnership ...
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Happy Womens Day 2024

We must Celebrate every women, for we are because she is. #internationalwomensday LETS CELEBRATE HER IN ERNEST
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Electricity generation on Lake Kariba remains ‘stressed’ owing to drought

The Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) has reported that electricity generation on Lake Kariba could remain suppressed following a decline in water inflows into the Lake ...
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Best Solar Products

Tried & tested TBB CH Series of Inverters match the best.

The TBB CH Series of power inverters offered by Clamore Solar are a versatile range of hybrid inverters designed for off-grid, ESS, and self-consumption applications. ...
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Introducing the Namkoo Solar Smart-Base 100: A Revolutionary All-in-One Energy Storage Solution

Namkoo Solar, a manufacturer of PV solar products for over the last 18 years, has recently unveiled the SmartBase-100, a cutting-edge all-in-one energy storage system ...
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