Package Deals To Suit Any Need & Any Budget

Discover our solar solutions tailored to standard and common needs. We however recommend custom solutions for optimal results and long-term ROI. Our predesigned systems are ideal for standard applications like housing units and small business rentals, backed by power guarantees. For larger projects, our solutions are suitable for mini-grids in farming, mining, and rural communities. Explore our options below and contact us to start your journey to energy independence today!”
Lighting, Home Entertainment, WiFi, phone charging,
Domestic booster & Borehole pumps, And much more.

Home and Small Business ! !

Lighting, Home Entertainment, WiFi, phone charging. Domestic booster & Borehole pumps,
general business needs for the average office and more......

Large Home, Medium to Large Business ! !”

We understand the part played by energy in keeping you productive and earning. These solutions are designed on an end-to-end basis with both the small-scale and community producers in mind. Growth of your business to large scale is our mission

Productive Use of Energy (PURE) Solutions !”

Reduce downtime and keep your business at peak performance. These solutions are designed to provide uninterrupted power.
Pick a solution from the shelf below or custom modify it to suit your specific needs.

Lite Commercial Solutions ! !”

Designed to handle large demands these solutions provide uninterrupted power,
and reduce operating costs and maintain a steady and predictable return on investment.

Large Commercial Solutions ! !”

Increase your productivity with our custom solutions. From large pumping solutions through to cold chain
and processing solutions talk to us about how we can help your.

Agriculture Solutions ! !”

Send Us a message to discuss your needs. We always reply within 24 hours.