Clamore Solar Partners with Namkoo Solar to Bring Innovative Energy Solutions to Southern Africa

Clamore Solar, a reputable renewable energy company based in Harare, Zimbabwe, with nearly two decades of experience, has recently forged a significant agreement with Namkoo Solar from Foshan, China. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in the renewable energy sector, as it aims to introduce cutting-edge solutions to Zimbabwe, Eswatini, and Zambia.

The collaboration between Clamore Solar and Namkoo Solar will focus on the development and deployment of Mini grid solutions ranging from 100kW to 500kWh based on the all new SmartBase-100 solution developed and produced by Namkoo Solar, along with Energy Storage Systems tailored for peak shaving solutions of up to 2MWhr.

Namkoo Solar, known for its innovative energy solutions, will now be represented in these Southern African countries through Clamore Solar. Tafi Chikwakwata, the Managing Director of Clamore Solar, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, emphasizing the commitment to providing sustainable solutions that empower rural communities and create employment opportunities. He highlighted the potential of these solutions to reduce production costs for farming communities across Southern Africa.

Ms Echo, the overseas sales Director of Namkoo Solar, shared her excitement about introducing the SmartBase-100 to the region through Clamore Solar. She believes that this innovative solution will significantly contribute to promoting green energy and benefiting the local population in the foreseeable future.

The SmartBase 100, a groundbreaking all-in-one C&I plug-and-play solution, is set to transform energy access and utilization in the region. Housed in a single container, this cutting-edge energy solution offers power capacities ranging from 100kW to 500kW, making it a versatile choice for various applications in Southern Africa’s most remote farming and productive regions along with industry and business in general.

The partnership between Clamore Solar and Namkoo Solar signifies a step towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future for the region.


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