12kva Standard Solution



12Kva Standard Home Solar System

  • Maximum Power 8,500 watts
  • 19,200 watt-hours of Lithium energy storage
  • Approximately 44,280 watt-hours of energy generation daily
  • Simple easy-to-use Hybrid inverter technology and lithium battery

2 year inverter warranty


Our 12Kva kit is similar to the 12kva version but with a greater capacity to charge and power daytime loads simultaneously.

It is ideal for both a large home and a large office. At home, this kit will power multiple large loads comfortably, including heavy appliances such as water pumping, fridges and freezers, microwave ovens and laundry machines that include washing machines, iron, and kettles. This inverter is rated to start and run a 2Hp pump and simultaneously power several laptops, including an air conditioner if required in an emergency.

Our complete offer includes.

  • 1 x 12Kva Hybrid Inverter.
  • 18 x 410-watt solar panel
  • 4 x 4.8kwhr lithium battery
  • 1 x standard AC & DC protection kit
  • I x Basic Installation materials
  • Installation materials and labour.
  • The kit excludes delivery costs.
  • Kit is customizable as per client request.

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12kva Standard Solution