Low Power Mini 240 egg incubator



180 watts maximum power

  • modular design, easy to clean
  • Dual Power (DC or AC)
  • Comes with insulation
  • Candling port
  • Automatic egg turning
  • low water/temperature alarm
  • 4 independent roller trays
  • 4 high-power temperature fans and heating, ensuring a high hatching rate
  • Suitable for incubating all poultry: chickens, ducks, turkey, etc.


The Mini 240 Egg Incubator – is the perfect solution for small-scale hatcheries and hobbyists! This compact yet efficient incubator accommodates up to 240 eggs, providing a controlled environment for optimal hatch rates. With its user-friendly features and precise temperature and humidity control, you can confidently nurture various poultry eggs with ease. Invest in our Mini 240 Egg Incubator and embark on your journey to successful hatching!

Additional Information: 

  • Optional solar power kit available
  • Optional climate control cabinet available for better c,imate control
  • Optional remote monitoring and control unit with remote alerts for low parameters
  • Excellent quality, EU standard/approved
  • Comes with a full year 12-month warranty.

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Low Power Mini 240 egg incubator