5kva Upgraded Solution



5Kva Upgraded Home Solar System

  • Maximum Power 3500 watts
  • 9,600 watt-hours of Lithium energy storage
  • Approximately 24.600 watt-hours of energy generation daily
  • Simple easy-to-use Hybrid inverter technology and lithium battery
  • 2 year inverter warranty.


Double the power and double the storage, this upgraded 5Kva kit is designed to allow the family or office to make greater use of solar energy for longer daily, ┬áIt has been built with Return On Investment being the key driver. This kit can be used together with grid power, with the design focusing on the grid being the backup to the solution, this way you not only but after it’s paid you back, you can save up for an upgrade to perhaps 10Kva.

This solution is also ideal for an average office of approximately 15 people, laser printer etc. making it the perfect power backup for any business that considers load-shedding a cost. While it will power most appliances and we recommend this version for boiling water, we do not recommend using it for ironing, mowers or washing machines.

Our complete offer includes.

  • 1 x 5Kva Hybrid Inverter.
  • 10 x 410-watt solar panel
  • 2 x 4.8 kwhr lithium battery
  • 1 x standard AC & DC protection kit
  • I x Basic Installation materials
  • Installation materials and labour.
  • The kit excludes delivery costs.
  • Kit is customizable as per client request.

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5kva Upgraded Solution