Mini 240 egg incubator Insulated Cabinet



Lightweight and easy to clean

  • Made from water-sealed melamine board
  • Designed to suit the 240 egg incubator
  • On castor wheels for easy cleaning and use
  • Comes with 20mm insulation (total 30mm insulation)
  • Airflow vents
  • Lower cabinet for storing backup power batteries
  • lockable


Our innovative insulated cabinet is designed to house a mini 240-egg incubator! This premium solution ensures optimal temperature regulation for successful egg incubation. With its superior insulation properties, this cabinet provides a stable environment ideal for nurturing delicate eggs. Say goodbye to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, and welcome consistent conditions that promote healthy embryo development. Invest in our insulated cabinet today and give your eggs the perfect environment they need to hatch successfully!

Additional Information: 

  • Weighs approximately 30Kg\
  • Comes with a full year 12-month warranty.

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Mini 240 egg incubator Insulated Cabinet