VIA Solar Clothes Washing Machine


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100% 9Kg Solar powered washing machine

⦁ Use solar electricity without an inverter to wash clothes using a solar power system or your 24V power system.
⦁ Cold water washing only, add hot water if heated externally.
⦁ 250Wh of energy per average wash cycle
⦁ 25-35 minutes average total wash cycle time
⦁ Maximum water level 68L
⦁ Maximum water consumption 120L
⦁ Low water pressure inlet 0.03MPa-1.0MPa
⦁ Drain pump can transport water into the container.
⦁ Use 250-500Wp of solar to wash 4-8 loads per day as a laundromat micro-business, or 100Wp for personal use.


Our top loading 9Kg Washing is designed to operate with no battery at all but directly from the sun. Operating at approximately 1300 revs per minute this machine will handle a load of 9Kg’s comfortably. One machine can load 9kg maximum and deliver 4 to 8 loads during the day.

Additional Information:
⦁ 9kg capacity
⦁ 500 watts
⦁ 24 volts DC
⦁ Total dimensions 940x570x550 (mm)
⦁ 40kg
⦁ 1300 RPM

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VIA Solar Clothes Washing Machine