1500w DC Solar Pump – 100M/15k



100-metre Borehole DC Solar Water Pump

⦁ Up to 3.2m3 per hour (maximum discharge at 70m)
⦁ 1500 watts – 370vdc (max)
⦁ Impeller-type dynamic pump model
⦁ Stainless steel with Brass outlet for less water damage and rust


These simple stainless steel-based DC solar water pumps are ideal for a small plot holder with animals and an average drip irrigated field. The pump is also ideal for domestic water consumption while providing adequate water for a clinic or rural school. It is not recommended for community needs in excess of 15,000 liters per day.

Our complete offer includes
1 x Solar water pump, controller, and solar panels
1 x Solar panel mounting frame
1 x 100 meters of poly pipe and fittings to equip the borehole securely.
Installation materials and labor.
The kit excludes delivery costs.

Additional Information:
⦁ Stainless Steel Body
⦁ Brass outlet
⦁ Impeller-type pump designed for volume not pressure.
⦁ Root and debris strainer
⦁ Low Voltage
⦁ 1.25” outlet
⦁ Will fit any 4-inch borehole.

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1500w DC Solar Pump – 100M/15k